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Spotlight: Gibsonville Ward

Getting To Know Bishop Chris Harris

Posted: Sunday - August 6, 2023

Today we’re learning more about Bishop Chris Harris from the Gibsonville Ward.

How did you find Jesus in your life?

I grew up as a member of the Church, but I believe I found Jesus in my life as I gained experience in life and wanted to better understand how I could find purpose in the decisions that I made and in the actions I would take. I always felt life must have purpose and that there would be some choices that could have real meaning behind them. As I learned more about the teachings of Jesus I recognized that I wanted, in my imperfect ways, to pattern my life more after His example. I have found great satisfaction in my own life as I continue to try and change in positive ways to better reflect His teachings.

How did you meet your spouse?

I met Nathalie when we were both 14 years old. I saw her at a basketball game and worked up the courage to ask her to dance at the next dance we both attended. From there we had a homecoming and prom together, and eventually reconnected while we were both at BYU.

What General Conference talk has been on your mind lately and why?

I continue to think about the recent talk by President Russell M. Nelson titled "Peacemakers Needed". Every time I read that talk I am reminded that the world already has enough commotion and contention. What the world needs is more people willing to give the benefit of the doubt, be patient even in disagreement, and to make the choice to lift others around us. It is easy to forget this given the many different frustrations in life, but I recognize that I feel happier when I follow this counsel.

What is your go-to ice cream flavor and why?

Chocolate with nuts because that is the only ice cream flavor that matters.

How many children, in-laws and grandchildren do you have?

We have four children.

Where else have you lived and how long have you lived in North Carolina?

I grew up in Tennessee, lived in England for two years as a missionary, lived for one year in Utah, for four years in Nebraska, and have now lived in North Carolina for ten years. We love it here and consider it home.