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Spotlight: Caswell Ward

Getting To Know Bishop Danny Ouzts

Posted: Sunday - August 6, 2023

Today we're learning more about Bishop Danny Ouzts from the Caswell Ward! I love how he met his wife. 

How did you find Jesus in your life?

I had great leaders growing up in the church. Perhaps the best leader that I had growing up in the church was my grandmother. Her love of the gospel and her testimony of our Savior still echoes in my mind. When I was 14, my grandmother took our seminary class to the Hill Cumorah Pageant in Palmyra, NY. While there I heard her bear testimony to people on the side of the streets as we were entering the pageant that night. It is there I first remember feeling the power of the Holy Ghost. The spirit confirmed that what she was saying was true and I treasure that moment.

How did you meet your wife?

Angela began teaching in Caswell County while I was serving my mission. She began attending the Caswell Ward. When I returned home my cousins had talked me up. She was a PE teacher and had keys to the gym. One day I invited her to let me and my friends play basketball at the school. My intention was to use her for keys to the gym but it turned to be much more.

What general conference talk has been on your mind lately?

Elder Stevenson from October 2022 Conference: Nourishing and Bearing Your Testimony

When I heard this talk it reminded me and still reminds me to nourish my testimony and help others to nourish their testimonies. He reminded me to remember the moments that help me establish my testimony of the Savior and then share that with others.

What is your go-to ice cream flavor and why?

Banana ice cream. My dad would make homemade banana ice cream while I was growing up and the banana shakes at cook out brings me back to those days.

How many children do you have?

We have three kids. Ashton is serving a mission in Salt Lake South and will be home in August. Lanie is attending school at BYUI and will be done one day and Brock is a rising senior in High School.

Where else have you lived and how long have you lived in North Carolina?

Besides serving a mission for 2 years in California I lived here in the Caswell Ward.