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Spotlight: Danville Ward

Getting To Know Bishop Ed Ott

Posted: Sunday - August 6, 2023

Today we're going to get to know Bishop Ed Ott of the Danville Ward. I'm really enjoying getting to know all of these men!

How did you find Jesus in your life?

My mom was raised in the church but left and returned a number of times. I remember visiting other churches in my early childhood but I was baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. During high school, my circle of friends were of various religions so I took the opportunity to look into each one. Ultimately, I felt the peace in our church and appreciated the Book of Mormon even more, so at the age of 17 I chose to put all my eggs in one basket, so to speak. Serving a mission in Los Angeles only solidified my faith. Every year I can look back and see evidence of the truth in this religion.

How did you meet your spouse?

After my mission I resisted following the traditional path (BYU, marriage, etc.) and attended college in my hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska. After a few years when I decided to settle down, the Spirit told me to go back to LA. I bounced around, attending different singles wards looking for the woman for whom the Lord prepared me. I found her, proposed after only six weeks of dating, and had a wonderful marriage until breast cancer took her from me. The Lord and Liz, my first wife, led me to my second wife Ruth Ann. And that’s another story in itself. Feel free to ask me sometime.

What is your go-to ice cream flavor and why?

Moose Tracks. Partially for the name (reminiscent of Alaska, my home), and partially for the peanut butter cups in it.

How many children do you have?

I say seven but my wife claims eight. Three children born to me, two I raised, one who accepted me as a father figure, and one more (a foster child) who has agreed to be adopted.

Where else have you lived and how long have you lived in Virginia?

Alaska up until my mid 20’s, a summer in Russia, ten years In California (Los Angeles and Santa Rosa), ten years in Philadelphia, three in West Virginia (to find Ruth Ann), and ten years in [east] Virginia.