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Getting To Know President Matt Evans

Posted: Monday - August 7, 2023

President Evans FamilyThis month we're getting to know the Greensboro Stake presidency and the bishops of our 11 wards and branches. Let's get to know Matt Evans, today! He's the 1st counselor in the stake presidency.

How did you find Jesus in your life?

My testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ is founded primarily on the feelings that I have experienced as I have read the Book of Mormon. As a child, I had the wonderful opportunity to read the Book of Mormon with my family daily. My parents made the scriptures come to life for my young mind. As I got older and began a personal, serious study of the Book of Mormon, I could not deny the peace, insight, and strength that came into my life as I focused on the doctrine of Christ taught therein.

How did you meet your spouse?

Hailey and I lived in the same apartment complex at BYU. We met at a ward opening social dance where I asked her to dance, just a few weeks after I returned home from my mission. I was smitten immediately. Due to my smooth moves, it took her about 4 months to realize that I liked her.

What General Conference talk has been on your mind lately and why?

“Power to Overcome the Adversary” by Elder Peter M. Johnson of the Seventy - October 2019 - His use of the phrase "every day, every day, every day" has recently been on my mind as I have tried to focus on the things that will help me and my family progress along the covenant path.

What is your go-to ice cream flavor and why?

Great question. I love ice cream. Cookies and Cream is for sure my go-to. It saves me time by allowing me to eat cookies and ice cream at the same time. My backup flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip, because I can eat ice cream and then feel like I've just brushed my teeth. If anyone answers this question and says they don't like ice cream, I hereby claim their share of ice cream.

How many children do you have?|

Hailey and I have 8 children. We have a son who is 16 years old, a son who is 2 years old, and 6 daughters in between. I love them all equally. I love some more equally than others, as needed.

Where else have you lived and how long have you lived in North Carolina?

I have never lived in North Carolina! I was born in Virginia in the Richmond area while my father was in dental school at VCU. I grew up in southern Virginia in a small town called Lawrenceville (which was then part of the Roanoke Rapids Ward in the Goldsboro, NC Stake). After high school I spent a year at BYU before my mission to Madagascar. After my mission, I returned to BYU before graduating and heading to law school in Charlottesville, VA. During law school, I spent my summers in Mesa, AZ and South Korea for internships. After graduating from law school, we moved down to Ringgold, VA (just east of Danville, VA) where we have lived for about 12 years.