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Spotlight: Youth

Seminary Graduates 2023

Posted: Sunday - August 6, 2023

Congratulations to our seminary graduates!

It was a special night tonight, celebrating their accomplishments and expressing gratitude to their teachers.

There were three youth speakers, Aubrey Larson from the Summit Ward, Trevan Hamilton from the Gibsonville Ward and Annika Hilton from the Summit Ward. They talked about the many things they've learned through seminary:

  • Preparing them for life

  • The importance of daily scripture study

  • How to answer questions from their friends not of our faith

  • It's good to ask questions

  • How to really study the scriptures

  • Sacrificing for the gospel (getting up early!)

  • Preparing to serve a mission.

Those receiving diplomas for completing four years of seminary:

Burlington Ward: Isaac Fields

Gibsonville Ward: Trevan Hamilton

Guilford Ward: Abby Carlson

Lake Brandt Ward: Noah Wooden

Peidmont Branch: Ivett Arizpe

Pleasant Ridge Ward: Dallin Duncan, Keala Cho, Hayden Martin

Summit Ward: Anna Dailey, Annika Hilton, Aubrey Larson, Blaklee Galiotti, Natalie Savage.

Those receiving certificates of completion:

Caswell Ward: Jessie Williams

Piedmont Branch: Emiliano Gutierrez, Kimberlin Quintero